Facts and Opinions About Glass

Working With A Glass Shop Drawing Service To Make Your Building Safe

Designing a glass-related construction project, such as a storefront, curtain wall, skylight, or custom specialty, requires careful planning and attention to detail. Working with a glass shop is a critical step in this process to ensure your building is safe and functional.

The Initial Planning Stage

A glass shop drawing is a plan or sketch that provides essential details for the project, including elevations. Elevations are typically used to clearly and accurately represent the glass product, including its size, shape, and any other relevant details.

Elevations may be used to show the front, back, or side of the glass product and may include details such as the location and size of any holes or notches, the thickness of the glass, and any other relevant features. Elevations are often used with different drawings, such as plans and sections, to provide a complete and detailed representation of the glass product.

Other Important Details

Other details of the glass shop drawing include key plans, general notes, and schedules for glass and hardware, helping you and the glass shop visualize the final product, estimate the cost and time required for the project, and ensure that it meets all safety and design requirements.

Safety Requirements

There are several safety requirements that you must meet. For example, safety glazing must meet stringent standards and be appropriately marked or identified because safety glazing is a type of glass designed to protect people and property by reducing the risk of injury or damage from broken glass. Safety glazing is typically used in windows, doors, skylights, and other glass products exposed to potential hazards, such as wind-blown debris, falling objects, or human impact. 

The Analysis and Test Data

Shop drawings with analysis or test data are required to ensure the safe installation of glass and glazing systems. Glass shop drawings should be clear, precise, and accurate, with general notes, and glass and hardware schedules that are easy to read and understand.

Services That Provide Glass Shop Drawings

Many glass shops offer their in-house glass shop drawing services, which can be a great option if you already have a working relationship with a specific glass shop and trust their expertise. By working with a glass shop that provides both the glass and the shop drawing services, you can ensure that everything is done in-house and everyone is on the same page throughout the project. They can then turn your vision into a reality.