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3 Benefits Of A Tall Shower Door

As soon as you start to shop for a new glass shower door, you'll quickly realize just how many different types of glass are available. Popular options include tinted, frosted, and textured, but you'll need to think about more than just the appearance of the glass as you shop. It's also important to decide how tall you want your glass shower door to be. Doors are available in lots of different heights, and people often favor taller doors over those that are shorter. Here are three benefits of outfitting your glass shower enclosure with a tall door.

No Draft

The taller the shower door, the smaller the gap will be between the top of the door and the ceiling of your bathroom. When this gap is large, which will be the case if you choose a shorter shower door, a draft of cool air can enter the shower enclosure. Even if someone is showering in hot water, they'll often feel a cool draft of air on their head and shoulders, which can be unpleasant. If you want to make the shower enclosure as warm and cozy as possible, choosing a tall shower door will be important.

Stylish Look

A lot of people find that tall shower doors look considerably more stylish than their shorter counterparts. If you've ever stayed in a luxury hotel that had a glass shower enclosure, there's a good chance that it had a tall door because of the high-end look that it provides. Choosing a door that is several inches shorter may save you a bit of money, but it could also appear as though you've cut corners in your bathroom remodel — which likely isn't a look that you want to create. With a tall door, you can be confident that the enclosure will have a luxurious feel for your family and guests.

Less Mess

A tall door is especially important if you have members of your family who are tall. The top edge of a shorter shower will often sit beneath the height of a tall person's head. As the person showers, water can splash off the top of their head and escape over the top of the door — resulting in a puddle on the bathroom floor by the time the person steps out of the shower. The taller the shower door, the better job it will do of containing the water and preventing a mess that requires cleaning up.

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