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3 Times A Home Window Replacement Is A Good Idea

Since new home windows can be a significant investment, you may wonder when the time is right to replace them. If your windows are several years old, they may be past their prime and not insulating your home very well. You may even still have single-pane windows that are drafty and cold in the winter. New windows have the advantages of being more energy efficient and more attractive. Here's when it's a good time to consider home window replacement.

1. When You're Upgrading Your Home's Insulation

If you'd like to lower your power bill and be more comfortable during the hot and cold months, you might consider adding more insulation to your attic and exterior walls. New insulation is a big expense, and it may not be all that effective if you keep your old, drafty windows that do a poor job of blocking heat transfer.

Modern windows have frames with better insulation than old windows, especially aluminum windows. Even the glass is insulated with double panes. Plus, construction practices result in windows with tighter seals so drafts will be a thing of the past.

Home window replacement can often make your home more energy efficient and lower your power bills. If you're not sure if your windows are energy efficient, consider having an energy audit done that includes thermal imaging of your home. If your windows are leaking, it will show up on the thermal scan and let you see just how much heat or AC you're losing.

2. When You're Remodeling Your Home's Exterior

If you're taking out a home improvement loan to put on new siding, it's a good time to consider adding replacement windows to the expense so you can have all the work done at once. You can always add new windows later, but getting new windows and siding at the same time allows you to compare different looks so you choose the right siding and the best complementary windows so your home has optimal curb appeal.

3. When You're Getting Repairs After Storm Damage

If your home was damaged in a storm, you might want new impact windows put in so you don't have a high risk of storm damage again. Weak windows break in a storm, especially if they are hit with flying debris. Once a window is blown or knocked out, wind rushes into your home and drives in rain with it.

With a window missing, your home is at risk of wind and rain damage inside. Strong wind rushing around your house can do a lot of damage to your belongings and the structure of your home. Impact windows prevent this—they are installed to be sturdy and resist breaking.

If the glass in an impact window cracks, a film between the panes holds the glass in place. The window continues to keep rain and wind outside where it belongs.