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4 Ideas to Improve Your Bathroom Privacy When You Have a Glass Shower Door

When renovating a bathroom, glass shower doors make excellent additions. Besides making the bathroom look bigger, the glass door will add class and glamor to your home. While all these benefits seem too good to ignore, privacy might be your main concern. So, what can you do to improve the privacy of your door? Take a look at some interesting ideas you can use to ensure maximum privacy.

1. Use a Window Film

If you have window films on your windows, you know how effectively they ensure indoor privacy. A film is inexpensive and offers a convenient way to ensure no one sees you while taking a shower. Apart from ensuring privacy, you can choose decorative films that improve your bathroom's curb appeal. Tints are available in numerous shades, designs, and sizes. You can easily trim the paper to fit your door's complex design or shape. The various shades available allow you to choose a preferred degree of privacy.

2. Add a Folding Screen

If you have enough space in your bathroom, you could install a folding screen right in front of the glass door. Folding screens are inexpensive and can be moved depending on your bathroom's appearance. If you need maximum light penetration into the bathroom, you only need to fold and move the screen. You can easily open and install it when you need a shower. Furthermore, a beautiful folding screen can serve as décor in your bathroom.

3. Acid Etching

You can use the acid etching technique to achieve a permanently frosted effect on your shower door. The method requires advanced skills because the acid can be hazardous. Once applied, the etching cream will eat into the glass, slowly creating a frosted appearance that will maximize your privacy. If you haven't bought the standard clear glass yet, consider opting for a custom glass door that is already frosted to save time and money.

4. Add Window Clings

Like tints, window clings are simple yet effective ways to improve privacy. Clings are often applied to car windows and retail stores but can also be ideal in shower doors. There are numerous designs to choose from when selecting clings for your door. If you get tired of your current cling, you can always remove it and install another without damaging the surface.

There are numerous ways to maximize the privacy of your bathroom. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose one solution from the above and enjoy maximum privacy. If privacy is the primary reason for not investing in glass doors, you now have no reason to avoid them.

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