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How An ADAS System Is Calibrated

Advanced driver assistance systems are often installed along the interior side of a windshield. When a windshield assessment requires that glass is replaced, it is often necessary for an ADAS camera and laser sensor to be calibrated.

The Complexity Of A System

An ADAS system requires a camera and laser sensor to pass through the glass that comprises the front or the back windshield. During the installation of a new sheet of glass, all of the equipment that is contained within an ADAS system should be disconnected and removed from the vehicle. Highly-sensitive equipment should remain protected while a windshield is replaced.

Some ADAS systems are more complex than others and may require a calibration process that will involve several steps. Before a windshield is going to be serviced, a consumer should find out if their ADAS system can be reconfigured at the place of business that their windshield will be serviced at or if they will need to seek an alternate service that is offered by a glass technician or another specialized service agent.

The Calibration Process

A technician who will be performing a calibration process will secure the camera and sensor and ensure that they are properly lined up. Before completing the installation, they will need to make sure that a vehicle is at its proper height. This will include making certain that the gas tank is full, the tires are properly inflated, and that any heavy items that can weigh down a vehicle have been removed. All of these steps are essential since one thing out of line could alter a driver's ability to effectively use their ADAS system.

A camera and sensor work simultaneously. The camera should provide a driver with a clear vantage point of where they are driving and any obstacles that could potentially get in their way. A sensor needs to be aimed accurately at the roadway. If equipment isn't properly set up or programmed, one or more of the ADAS functions could be hindered. This could result in a vehicle mishap occurring.

Before a service appointment, a customer should schedule their windshield replacement. They should also furnish information about the ADAS system and vehicle that they own. This will allow a technician to determine if they will be able to adequately perform the calibration process. Once the equipment has been calibrated, a vehicle owner can use the system with confidence and there should be no other issues that need to be addressed with the equipment. 

For more information, contact an ADAS calibration specialist near you.