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5 Reasons To Install Safety Glass In Your Commercial Building

Safety glass is specially made to resist breakage. It usually consists of layers of tempered glass that are laminated together with at least one acrylic "plastic glass" layer. It can withstand high impacts without breaking, and when it does break, it rarely falls apart into dangerous shards and often stays with the frame. There are several areas of a commercial building where it should be installed.

1. Safety Railings 

Glass railings along stairs or on upper floors that open up onto an atrium are quite attractive, which is why they are popular in office buildings and customer-facing areas. These railings see heavy use, though, and they also have a lot of weight placed on them and against them during normal use. Breakage can be devastating, so these are key areas that must always have safety glass installed.

2. Doors and Inserts

Glass doors are popular options for buildings, as they are welcoming and they provide some security and safety as you can see anyone that approaches. Whether you have doors made entirely of glass or those with glass window inserts, always opt to have safety glass installed. The normal rattling and pressures applied by opening and closing a door, even if it is never slammed, increase the chances of breakage if the door is made of any other type of glass.

3. First Floor Windows

Any windows on the first floor should be equipped with safety glass as both a safety and a security precaution. First floor windows are more likely to be broken by accidental impacts, such as from a vehicle that jumps a curb or a rock thrown by landscaping equipment. They are also the most tempting for a would-be thief to break in a burglary attempt. 

4. Security Areas

Some areas of a commercial building require more security. If you use glass partitions for security reasons, such as around a teller, cashier, or pharmacy area, then opt for safety glass. Your staff behind the glass will still be easy to see and interact with, but they won't have to worry about any security risks while doing their jobs.

5. Warehouse Uses

A warehouse area or shop floor is more likely to suffer glass damage thanks to the movement of lots of equipment and products. If you have any glass in the area, such as around the floor office, make sure it is equipped with safety glass so accidental breakage won't be a concern.

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