Facts and Opinions About Glass

Why You Might Want A Glass Shower Door Instead Of Something Else

There are a lot of good things about glass shower doors that you might really appreciate. You may currently be dealing with a lot of issues in your bathroom that having a glass shower door could prevent. In order to get just a little better of an idea of some of the reasons they are so great, keep reading: 

You avoid water damage

If you don't have any door on your shower, then a lot of water can end up on the floor. When this happens regularly, the water will begin to seep into the floor and cause permanent damage. You can end up with mold or water damage to your floors, walls, and cabinets. When you have a glass door installed in your shower, the door will prevent all of that water from splashing out of the shower and onto the floor, and this will prevent water damage.

You keep from slipping

When you don't have a door on your shower then the water that gets on the floor can make the floor very slippery. This is especially true if you have flooring that's already a bit of a slipping risk, such as smooth tile flooring. Putting in a shower door will help to decrease the chances of you slipping while you are getting out of the shower. 

You can keep the shower cleaner

If you are currently getting by using a shower curtain, then you likely already know just how hard it can be to keep the curtain clean. In fact, there have been many people who have been surprised to see that mold has somehow grown along the bottom of their shower curtain. When this happens, it's best to just throw the curtain out and replace it. However, the better option would be to have a glass door installed. You can just wipe the glass door down quickly after each shower and you won't have to worry about things like mold. In fact, there are shower squeegees on the market that you can use to wipe it clean easier and faster. 

You can choose decorative doors

You can get a plain glass shower door, or you can get an elaborate one that can help give the bathroom a fantastic focal point. They can have etched embellishments, fogging effects, and a whole lot more. When you have a glass shower door put in a bathroom that didn't used to have one, you may be surprised at how much it adds to the space.