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What to Do about Rock Chip Damage on Your Windshield

Your car obviously travels at a fast rate of speed when it goes down the highway, and suddenly driving your car right into a rock that was kicked up into your path can cause immediate and lasting damage to your windshield. You might end up needing rock chip repair even if you were not on the highway. You don't have to be going very fast for a rock to cause damage to your windshield upon impact. If this is the situation you are in, you should act quickly. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with a crack on your windshield.

It Might Not Look That Bad, but It Can Get Worse Quickly

Here's the thing about some chip damage on your windshield. It might not look like a total eyesore and you might even still be able to see the road in front of you quite clearly. But once your windshield is chipped, it is essentially weakened and it's possible that additional damage could happen very quickly, with no warning. The last thing you want to happen is to be driving down the road and have a huge gust of wind put pressure on your windshield and cause that chip or small crack to greatly expand. This could prove quite dangerous to you or others on the road.

Cover the Chip Up with Clear Tape and Avoid Extreme Temperatures

For best results, you need to get your vehicle to a rock chip repair expert as soon as possible. If you can't immediately get an appointment, you need to take steps to keep the situation under control. Putting clear tape over the chip or crack will keep wind, dirt, and other substances from getting into the chip or crack and triggering possible further damage. You should also try and avoid hitting that part of your windshield with a dramatic temperature change. Keep the defroster turned off and avoid using the air conditioning if it's hot outside. Roll your windows down instead.

Self or Professional Repair

If the chip or crack is quite small, it might be possible for you to use a self-repair kit which you can find at any local auto store. But for best results, let a seasoned professional restore your windshield to good as new condition so that there is no question about lingering damage. Contact a local rock chip repair or windshield expert today for more information.