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Why You May Want Impact Window Film On Your Small Shop

When you operate a small shop, security is probably a top priority for you. Vandals, thieves, and intruders can do a lot of damage to your property and steal your inventory. One solution is to have impact window film installed. This type of commercial window film has several benefits. Here's why you may want this window film on your shop.

The Film Keeps Window Glass Intact

Impact film keeps intruders from smashing through the glass to gain entry to your shop after hours. An intruder can hit the glass with a bat or brick and the glass might crack into pieces, but the film holds the pieces together so the intruder can't knock out the glass.

This film protects against all kinds of impacts, including debris that's hurled against your shop during a storm. You may still have to replace the windows after the event, but the film holds everything together so high winds, rain, and intruders can't get inside your building.

Commercial Window Film Blocks UV Rays

Impact film comes in different varieties, so if you want dark film that also provides some privacy for your shop, you can choose black or shades of gray for your windows. However, you might want your windows to be clear so people on the sidewalk can see what you have for sale in your store. In that case, you can choose clear film that's invisible on your windows.

Both dark and clear film protect your store from UV damage. UV rays are reflected away from your windows so you don't have to worry about the sun fading your furnishings, carpet, or signs. Plus, the film helps reduce glare and solar heating since it blocks UV rays.

Window Film Lets In Natural Light

If you have several windows in your shop, you can take advantage of all that natural light when you have commercial window film installed. You'll no longer have to adjust blinds to block the sun and you won't have the bother of cleaning curtains or blinds. Your shop won't need window coverings when there is impact film on the glass. This gives your employees full view of the outdoors and creates a pleasing shopping experience for your customers without worry over glare, bright sun, or increased temperature near the glass.

Impact window film makes your shop more secure and offers additional benefits that control climate comfort in the building. Impact film can be used alone or with other commercial window films, such as anti-graffiti film that keeps vandals from destroying the glass with acid, paint, or sharp objects. Window film can be applied inside or outside the glass so you can choose the right protection for your circumstances. Reach out to a professional for more information about commercial window film