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3 Perks Of Installing Glass Shower Doors

Gone are the days of bulky indoor shower grottos and unimagined tub and shower combinations. Today's homeowners are turning more to streamlined, beautiful spaces with the addition of glass shower doors. Here are three perks of installing glass shower doors and why you should install them in your spaces. 

1. Open Up Your Bathroom

Unlike other types of shower enclosures, glass shower enclosures are designed to open up your space and increase visibility, making them perfect for smaller or awkwardly shaped bathrooms. If you have a bathroom that is on the smaller side and you would like to create a space that feels large and spacious, always opt for glass. Modern frameless versions are beautiful, don't require a lot of bulky hardware, and are designed to open and close quietly. 

2. Clean Less Tile

Even the best tile work can become dirty and moldy over time, but if you want to limit the amount of tile you have to clean, opt for a glass shower enclosure instead. Glass shower surrounds need very minimal cleaning, and many are coated with hydrophobic films that help water to bead off of the surface. If you are focused on creating a space that looks clean and is easy to keep up, opt for glass instead of extra walls coated in additional tile. Additionally, invest in glass shower enclosures with a formulation that makes them easy to clean, and only used approved cleaners to tidy them up. 

3. Create A Timeless Appeal

Unlike other building materials, which can vacillate in and out of style, glass shower surrounds offer a timeless look that meshes with any decorating trend. Whether you love old-world faucets and marble tile or you are thinking about going for a trendy chevron pattern in your bathroom, glass shower surrounds can highlight the tile work you have without standing in the way. Glass surrounds have been en vogue for years and will continue to offer a functional, and very beautiful, take on shower enclosures. As an added bonus, they add a touch of shine and gloss to your bathroom that gives a feeling of cleanliness. 

If you are thinking about changing your bathroom and you are wondering what to take care of first, visit local bathroom and glass showrooms for ideas, and ask if they have interior designers on hand. With a commitment to working with you to create a space that is reminiscent of your vision, designers can help you to create a truly unique and beautiful space. 

For further information on glass shower doors, reach out to a local glass company.